{a new day ~ a new look ~ a new blog}

I am excited to announce I have a new and better blog!! I have been working on it for a little bit and am ready to show it off! Don't worry - if you have had a session to date, it has transferred to the new blog!

Please check it out, subscribe, bookmark it, and let me know what you think!

{miss "c" ~ 6 months old}

This morning I met up with this sweet family for a 6 month session of miss "c". She was adorable! I can't say enough about this little bundle! She is sitting up so well, was full of smiles, has the cutest cheeks, best smile and laugh, and the most beautiful blue yes. Okay, sorry for going on and on - I will stop and let you check out her session! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys this morning, even thought it was so hot and humid!

{newborn session ~ triplet boys}

This was a first for me! I had so much fun meeting these sweet little boys and their Mommy yesterday. They were 7 weeks premature and had just pasted the 7 week mark! Definitely on the older side for newborn sessions, but they were so good for me - especially if they were swaddled. Once there were arms and 6 legs, things got a little crazy - in a great way! These boys are just adorable. mr. "j" & mr. "e" are identical and mr. "a" is the "big" brothers - outweighing them. OK, enough gushing on these cuties ~ enjoy your sneak peek!

left: mr. "j" ~ middle: mr. "a" ~ right: mr. "e"

from top to bottom: mr. "a", mr. "j", mr. "e"

left to right ~ mr. "e" ~ mr. "a" ~ mr. j"

left: mr. "j" ~ middle: mr. "a" ~ right: mr. "e"

left: mr. "j" ~ middle: mr. "a" ~ right: mr. "e"

mr. "j"

mr. "e"

mr. "a"

{newborn session ~ miss "k"}

This weekend I was able to meet this sweet baby girl, miss "k." She is the daughter of Michelle & Matt who I was able to do a maternity session for earlier this summer. Miss "k" was so sweet, although she never wanted to go to sleep for me. But, she was very content and calm while wide awake. Enjoy your sneak peek!

This was Michelle's christening gown and miss "k" grandfather made this beautiful chest.

I love a good yawn sequence!

{miss "a" - 4 months}

While in Texas, I was able to see my sweet, peanut of a niece, miss "a" (and her parents - which are my brother & sister-in-law). But look at miss "a"! She is so tiny and sweet and mild-mannered. She has her mama's big blue eyes and the shape is identical as well. We were able to get in a short session of miss "a" before the heat got to us all, and exhaustion set in - in the babies (mine included). Here is your sneak peek - and I had to throw one in of the cousins! So sweet!

{the "g" family}

I had the pleasure of heading over to the home of my dear friends for one final shoot in Texas. It was for mr. "rtg"s 2/3 month photos, family photos, and of course I had to get some of miss "c." We had a great time, although it was so hot outside. High 90's at 7pm - possibly even still in the 100's from earlier in the day. Miss "c" was being very sassy and silly, but I loved it because I captured a side of her that I just love. I tried narrowing down your sneak peek but there were just too many I loved, especially of the family shots!, Enjoy!

{1 year session - mr. "j"}

This week while in Texas, I was able to have a 1 year old session with some college friends' son. Mr. "j" is adorable! He is the perfect mix of his Daddy & Mommy. Check out his gorgeous blue eyes too. He was so serious for our session, though I managed to get a few smiles out of him! Enjoy your sneak peek!